St. Anthony Connects – the week of November 16 – 20

the cup

Our FDK Class One – winners of this week’s St. Anthony Super Star award

Anthony This Week
Monday, November 16

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week – focus on Digital Citizenship
Squirmies – lunchtime

Tuesday, November 17

Table tennis after school

Orkidstra starts today







Wednesday, November 18

Waste-free Wednesday
Thursday, November 19
Recycle Day at St. Anthony Catholic School- PLEASE recycle today!
Boys Volleyball Maria away – St. George

Friday, November 20
PD Day – school closed
Teacher Notes for this week

Ms. Draper’s Kindergarten Class

Full Day Kindergarten News!  Week of November 9-13th.

Our FDK students enjoyed some of the warmer weather we experienced last week.  We enjoy our time on the big yard from 8:30-8:45 am for both FDK1 and FDK2,  as well as 11:35-12:15 with the whole school.  Our FDK class also spends time outside on the smaller daycare yard from 2:30-2:50pm, weather permitting.  It is great to get outside with our FDK classes and students enjoy this time playing actively, connecting with friends and siblings and also exploring nature, the leaves and sand area!  Thank you for sending warm mitts, hats and jackets as we know colder weather is on the way!!
Students also have scheduled gym times and a weekly visits to the learning commons to visit our librarian, Mrs. Iverson.
We are working on “Teamwork” and showing that we are team players.  We are signing songs about teamwork and showing excellent cooperation and participation in this area!
We will be holding interviews for three days, November 10th, 11th and 12th to make sure we see all of our parents.  We are looking forward to your scheduled visit this week.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed at 613-235-0340, if you need to reschedule or change your interview.

Our focus this week will be on Remembrance Day.  We will be attending the ceremony in our school gym and learning the importance of this special day.

Full Day Kindergarten News!  Week of November 16-20th.

Congratulations to FDK1 this week, we are Superstars for the week and we won a trophy to keep in our class for the week.  Students are very motivated by our Superstar award and have shown amazing teamwork, respect, and cooperation.
This week we will begin to learn how we prepare for winter, how animals get ready for winter and the changes that are coming!  We will read stories that focus on this topic such as “Bear Snores On” and singing songs such as “Hibernation, Winter Hibernation!”
Students loved the story about “”If You Give A Mouse a Muffin”.   We will be using this story to start a new unit on Measurement in Math, where students will measure out ingredients to make our own muffins.  We will also start to measure our hands, feet and other items using cubes.  Many hands-on activities make learning fun and interactive.
Thank you for your participation in our Parent-Teacher Interviews.  We enjoyed sharing great information with you about your child and we appreciate your commitment to establishing consistent communication between home and school!
There will be a PD Day on Friday November 20th!  No school for students on this day!  We are looking forward to a great week of learning, cooperating and sharing!


Ms. Myer’s Class

As the “Wonderful Ones” marked Remembrance Day on November 11th, we took the opportunity to think carefully about how each of us can be an instrument of God’s peace. We read the story I Call My Hand Gentle  and the children came up with some great ideas of how they could use their hands in peaceful, positive ways. The coming week is “Bullying Awareness and Prevention” week across schools in Ontario. We will continue to explore the story of the Good Samaritan, thinking of ways we can be like the Samaritan. In math we will focus on sorting objects into groups based on various attributes (i.e. the objects’ colour, size, shape, design, or use). You can reinforce this concept at home by sorting items you have (e.g. toys, socks, kitchen objects) into 2 or 3 groups and asking your child to try to guess what rule you used to sort the objects. Thank you to all parents who took the time to attend their child’s parent-teacher interview last week.   Your insight and feedback is invaluable. We look forward to a short but busy week! Friday, November 20 is a P. D. day – no school for students!  



Ms. Moga’s Grade 2 Class

We had another great week in grade 2 with lots of learning taking place! We looked at non-fiction books and discussed the different features such as headings, labels, the index, and captions. This also helped with our animal research assignments in science. In math, we learned about concrete graphs and pictographs.

Friday is a PD day this week; therefore we only have four days of school. We are continuing many of our units. In gym, we will learn another game called “Clean House” and continue to play Newcombe ball. In religion, we will discuss different saints and how they lived their lives like Jesus. In language, we will begin to retell fiction texts using a Go Map graphic organizer (putting our retell into writing). We will continue to read non-fiction texts and use the different features to help us determine what is important. In art, we are continuing to examine symmetry and to produce pieces of art that demonstrate symmetry. Finally, in math we are continuing with graphing; specifically,  we will learn about calendar data and bar graphs.

Follow our learning on Twitter @MogaOttawa


Mrs. Rupnik’s Class

Thank-you for coming to our scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences at St. Anthony Catholic School.  Research has shown over and over again that the most successful students have a high percentage of parent involvement.  This week we will continue to work on making connections to better understand stories we read.  A rhyming booklet will be sent on Thursday for homework. Please sit with your child and review the rhyming words in the booklet. Rhyming is important because it helps prepare children for early reading and it also helps to support oral language development. Friday, November 20 is a PD Day and school will be closed. 

News from Ms. Manzoli’s  Grade 3/4  class 

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come out to parent teacher interviews.  Having the time to discuss your child’s progress is an important part in your child’s learning.  As we move forward, students will be able to continue working on their learning goals for the rest of this term.


Reminder that this week is a short week for the students.  Friday is a PD day for all students and there will be no classes.  Students are working very hard to maintain their stamina during our daily 5 stations during language.  We continue to work on recount writing using the hamburger model for paragraphs.  This week we will begin writing about a favourite event.  In math, we continue with patterns and will look at patterns on grids.  A reminder to check your child’s agendas for instructions on another math program called Mathletics.  Passwords and usernames will be handed out.  

This week marks the beginning of Bully Awareness, we will be having several discussions about what makes a bully a bully and how we deal with certain situations.  We will also begin various lessons on Being a good digital citizen where the children will learn how our digital world can be a place where bulliness occurs.  Below you will find the cover a book that we will explore this week.     don't laugh at me      Have a great week.  

Mrs. Troccoli’s Grade 4/5 Team News

The students participated in a wonderful school-wide ceremony to commemorate Remembrance Day.  This related directly to the activities the students completed in the classroom.  The students worked cooperatively to create a beautiful poppy cross, that was proudly displayed during the ceremony, and doves that were decorated with ideas of peace. The Grade 4/5 team has an appreciation for how fortunate we are to live in such a peaceful and free country like Canada.

It was great to meet parents during interviews or speak with parents on the phone. Your continued support in your child’s education makes for greater gains in your child’s learning.

Thank you!!

The students will be learning how to be a “Good Digital Citizen” through focussed lessons.  It is important with all the technology that is available to our students that they respect it and use it appropriately and safely. As the week progresses ask your child some of the lessons they have learned on how to be a good Digital Citizen.

Students should continue to read each evening and use Raz Kids to help with reading and comprehension. The students will be having a math test on Addition and Subtraction early next week so they should be practicing these concepts at home.  Nelson Math is a good website they can use for review.

Have a wonderful week!

M. Girard’s Classes

 2e  Français Oral: « réflexes de conversation» 2 incluant les nombres de 0 à 60, téléfrançais épisode 4

Français lecture: cycle de lecture 4e partie (ce que fait chaque personnage), nos phrases d’automne

Études Sociales : Le carnet de voyage (page couverture et localisation de 6 pays à l’étude)  

 3/4e Français Oral: « réflexes de conversation» avec être, avoir et aller Français Lecture : L’histoire de Sophie Laplante (Visages 2, pages 64-65)

Français écrit: Madame Lafumée (fin), texte à trous «Un feu dans la nuit»  Études Sociales : Les régions physiques canadiennes (grande révision)

 4/5e Immersion Français Oral: conversation basée sur les structures des dictées novembre  Français Lecture: cycle de lecture (étapes 5 et 6) Français Écrit: dictées 4e et 5e (mardi 17 novembre)  Danse : projet final en duo  Études Sociales : Savais-tu que? (tâche finale avec un/une partenaire) 

The girls volleyball team attended the School Board tournament last Thursday at St. George School. St. Anthony Catholic was well represented by 10 terrific team members!  All the lunchtime practice paid off as the girls won 5 out of 7 games, placing third overall. Their teamwork and spirit were a winning combination!  Way to go, girls!!

Ms. Myers

St. Anthony Connects – The Week of June 8 – 12

ecology ottawa

St. Anthony Catholic School Rips up Parking Lot to Plant Garden

4 June 2015 (Ottawa) – St. Anthony Catholic School is teaming up with local residents and Ecology

Ottawa to tear up a portion of their school parking lot and plant a garden. On June 20th, MP Paul Dewar,

MPP Yasir Naqvi and Councillor Catherine McKenney will help kick off the event from 10am-10:45am.

This Depave Paradise project will see volunteers tear up asphalt and install trees and flowers in its place.

This one-day event is possible thanks to a grant from the RBC Blue Water Fund, in partnership with

Green Communities Canada.

Who: Ecology Ottawa, Green Communities Canada, St. Anthony Catholic School

Where: St. Anthony Catholic School, 391 Booth Street, Ottawa

When: 20 June 2015, 10am-5pm

What: Depave Paradise events will take place at six sites across Canada this year, with the Ottawa event

kicking them all off. Over the past three years, Depave Paradise participants have removed over 1,000

m2 of asphalt at schools, churches, public lands, community centres, and housing cooperatives.

The gardens and permeable pavement installed in place of the asphalt soak up water into the ground,

filtering it through soil and plants, avoiding runoff and pollution and protecting local waterbodies.

For more information, please contact:

Stu Campana

Water Project Manager

Ecology Ottawa



St. Anthony this week

Monday, June 8

Yearbook now on Sale – $5.00 – limited supply available 

 Hip Hop – at lunch

Tuesday, June 9

Andrew Harvey(Evergreen) in all day working on tree maintenance with junior students


Bev Wilcox (nurse) in Gr. 1

Table Tennis

Wednesday, June 10th

Weeding Wednesday


Thursday, June 11th

Recycling Day – (black and blue bins open please)

Family Social 4:30 – 7:30 – Hope everyone comes, our last social gathering of the year!!



Teacher Notes


Ms Myers Class

In math this week we will continue exploring probability concepts. We will be using vocabulary such as “likely,” “unlikely,” and “certain,” to describe and predict various events. In language, the children will be sharing the narrative stories they wrote based on a photograph they chose. Thursday, June 11th marks our after school social for families – hope to see you there!

Ms Rupnik – PLC

This week in the Primary Language Class, we will focus on the Chicken Little story some more by asking critical thinking questions (for example: What makes the fox in the story a dangerous stranger? Why does Chicken Little put himself and his friends in danger by listening to the fox? Was the sky really falling?, etc.). We will also continue to rehearse our class play. Remember practice makes perfect !  Please keep helping your child with our last homework calendar of the school year. 

M Girard’s French classes

here are some Items for the week of June 8th

2/3e Français Écrit: confection du livret «Vive la différence entre élèves et fourmis»

4/5e Cycle de lecture «Vendredi 13», étapes 4-5: raconter dans tes mots et questions (interagir)

5/6e Cycle de lecture «Ma phobie», étapes 4-5: raconter dans tes mots et répondre aux questions (interagir)

4e Immersion Français Écrit: mini-rédaction«La fête-surprise», Arts: esquisses de l’église Saint-Anthony: facade et exercice de symétrie, Études Sociales: surplus de ressources naturelles en Chine ancienne

Mr. Cooks grade 1/2 class

In language, we are working on and building our sentence fluency. We will also do Media Literacy lessons. Grade 1s will be learning how to design a poster for an event and Grade 2s will be designing a book cover for a story. In Math, we are working on fractions. We had our pic-nic last week and the students got to enjoy some veggies and strawberries, chips, juice, and a cookie for desert! It was really fun! This week we are having our school year end social event! This promises to be an amazing evening for our students, staff, and families. Come and have some fun from 4:30 to 7:00pm. Please make sure the kids have their library books returned to school. We have library on Monday. As the weather gets hotter, please send the students to school dressed appropriately (t-shirts, hats, sunscreen). I encourage the students to bring water bottles with them to school as well. Looking forward to another blessed week!

St. Anthony Connects – The week of May 19- 22



June 11th is the day for our big year-end social – this will be great!!  

We really hope that all families will attend and have a great time!


Tuesday, May 19

 Chess club celebration

 Ms. Rupnik’s Class Rosemount Library 12:30

 Table Tennis – end of day

 Wednesday, May 20

Weeding Wednesday Session for the GREEN Club

 Thursday, May 21

 Recycling Day – 

 Peace Festival West – St. Anthony participating 

 Friday, May 22

 Gr. 4/5 Rosemount Library 10am

 Monthly Assembly: I have a Voice – (PM)


Teacher Notes for the Week

Ms Myers – Grade 1

Hopefully everyone’s bean plant made it home safely last week! We have loved observing these amazing

beanstalks grow before our very eyes! If you are able to replant your child’s bean plant in a garden, it will

produce lovely scarlet flowers – and hopefully a few beans!! In math this week we will be working on

strategies that help us when we are adding (e.g. counting on from a larger number and knowing “double

facts” ). In Family Life we will begin our unit “Created Sexual: Male and Female.” A note will go home on

Tuesday with further information for families. The grade ones will also be exploring the Catholic Graduate

Expectation “I have a voice”. We will be considering things like: I speak, write, and listen as Jesus would

want me; I am honest; I think carefully before I react and speak. We look forward to a short but busy




Ms Rupnik’s Class

This short week, we would like to share the activities we have worked on in our class over the past several weeks, for example our Google slide presentations with personal digital photographs, our Imagistory narratives in video format, the beginnings of our creative stories, etc. On Tuesday, May 19, I will be sending home your child’s Google account information. Take the time to sit with your child and login into his/her drive. Start by checking the Google slide presentations and the Imagistory narratives. You will be impressed! In our Social Language program, we will focus on using self-control. Students will have an opportunity to role-play some ‘cool-off’ situations.


M Girard

2/3e Études Sociales: Les communautés du Canada de 1780 à 1850, leçon 3: les contributions des différentes communautés
4/5e Cycle de lecture «Vendredi 13», étapes 1 et 2: comprendre le texte (dictionnaires, Google translate) et répondre aux questions de compréhension 
5/6e Cycle de lecture «Ma phobie», étapes 1,2 et 3: comprendre le texte (dictionnaires, Google translate),  répondre aux questions de compréhension et résumer par écrit 
4e Immersion Dictée mai «Quel beau rêve»(50 mots), Arts: les couleurs de notre pommier à la Van Gogh, Théâtre: travail sur une courte pièce inspirée de la dernière impro «Le chinois qui avait peur» Education Physique: lancer de la balle

St Anthony Connects – Catholic Education Week

Our Superstar winners for this week - great job everyone!

Our Superstar winners for this week – great job everyone!



Catholic Education Week Schedule








Monday, May 4th

Coffee and snacks for parents in the yard before and during school – every day this week

Get a family portrait!  All week we are taking pictures of parents with their kids.  Each photo will be made into a 5 x 7 portrait for the family.  We hope then to make a great composite of the St. Anthony Community by the end of the week!



We start our week with mass at St. Anthony Church at 9:00 AM Monday morning.

Bev Wilcox (public Health Nurse) will be visiting Gr. 1  2nd block – Active Transportation safety.

Hip Hop at lunch time

12:15-2:45 Alice in Wonderland, Juniors at Ottawa International Children’s Festival





Tuesday, May 5th

Coffee and snacks for parents in the yard before and during school – every day this week

Get a family portrait!  All week we are taking pictures of parents with their kids.  Each photo will be made into a 5 x 7 portrait for the family.  We hope then to make a great composite of the St. Anthony Community by the end of the week!

Open House for the Primary Language Class – morning

Public Library visits to begin – 45 Rosemount grade 1 today at 9:00 AM – parents welcome to join us!

Volunteer/Community Partner Appreciation tea – this is a great opportunity to meet the community partners we work with.  Assembly 4th block – tea and refreshments in the staffroom after the assembly.





Table Tennis Starts for a new session today!


Wednesday, May 6

Coffee and snacks for parents in the yard before and during school – every day this week

Get a family portrait!  All week we are taking pictures of parents with their kids.  Each photo will be made into a 5 x 7 portrait for the family.  We hope then to make a great composite of the St. Anthony Community by the end of the week!

Our Rosary group will be doing their class visits this week – this dedicated group comes in every month to teach our children about the Rosary.  You are very welcome to come in and take part in one of their presentations on this day.  Here is the schedule for visits:

Rosary schedule

FDK1 10:30-10:45

FDK2 10:45-11

1/2 Cook: 12:15-12:35

1 and 2/3: 12:35-12:55

Gr. 4/5 Mr. Girard: 12:55-1:25

Gr. 5/6 1:45-2:30

Chess Club at lunch

Shayna Tate Workshops – Creativity Crew

1. First  Block: Teresa Rupnik-Grade 1/2/3 (approx 30 mins)
                -10 Students 
                -Self Portrait (Drawing with paper, pencils and colouring in with crayons and/or possibly water colours)
2. Meg Myers -Grade 1 (approx 30 mins)
                -Self portrait or drawing the body proportions. Colouring in with crayons if time. 
3. Second Block: Maria Manzoli-Grade 2/3 (60mins)
                -Self Portrait Drawing with possible time to paint or colour it in. (Drawing with paper, pencils and if time, colouring in with crayons or coloured pencils)
4. Third Block : Debra Hubert-Grade 5/6 (60-75mins)
                 -Aboriginal Art 
                  (Drawing with paper and pencils and either colouring in with oil pastels or acrylic paint, paint brushes, water cups and palettes. FYI: The oil pastels might be best here if you have them. 
5. Fourth Block: Teresa Rupnik-Grade 1/2/3 (approx 30-40mins)
                  -Self Portrait with option to colour in here (Drawing with paper, pencils and colouring in with crayons and/or possibly water colours)












Thursday, May 7

Coffee and snacks for parents in the yard before and during school – every day this week

Get a family portrait!  All week we are taking pictures of parents with their kids.  Each photo will be made into a 5 x 7 portrait for the family.  We hope then to make a great composite of the St. Anthony Community by the end of the week!


Chess tournament at Dr. FJ MacDonald Catholic School – come out and cheer on our great team!

images (1)






 lunchtime: Demonstration Maker Space for Parents – come and see how a makerspace works! Our grade 5/6 students will be your hosts

images (1)






Young Rembrandts starts again!

Friday, May 8

Coffee and snacks for parents in the yard before and during school – every day this week

Get a family portrait!  All week we are taking pictures of parents with their kids.  Each photo will be made into a 5 x 7 portrait for the family.  We hope then to make a great composite of the St. Anthony Community by the end of the week!

Story-telling day – visits by authors to our school

Little Horn Theatre  St. Anthony’s  *AGRI ARTIST   STORY TELLER -JK/SK – two sessions in Kindergarten classes

Chris Nihemy, author, presenting on reading and writing to the primary and junior classes

9:00 am – Primaries – 60 students in learning commons
10:15 – 11:15 grade 4/5 in learning commons
12:30 – 1:30 grade 5/6 in learning commons

Whole school class photo to be taken from the roof of St. Anthony!  Photo by Edge Imaging



 Chris Nihemy, author, presenting on reading and writing to the primary and junior classes
First Reconciliation will be Friday, 6:00PM, First Eucharist Saturday 5:00PM

Teacher Notes for the Week

Ms Myers Class

This week we finished up our exploration of fractions. The students had a great time making their own pizza and dividing it into equal parts – before consuming it with great enthusiasm! Or visit from Bev Wilcox, our school public health nurse, was re-scheduled to this Monday. Ms. Wilcox will talk about active transportation and safety. A May newsletter and homework calendar will be going home on Monday as well as a permission form for an upcoming trip to Gatineau Park. Please look for these items in your child’s agenda. On Tuesday we will visit the Rosemount Library to learn about the wonderful opportunities they have on offer for children and families. Please join in some of our Catholic Education Week activities if you can. Coffee and treats will be available each morning before school – come and have your family portrait taken by Mr. McGuire!



Ms Rupnik’s Class

Welcome to Catholic Education Week! We have many special activities planned this week, starting with our Open House on Tuesday, May 5. This will be a time to welcome the new students who will be joining the Primary Language Class in the fall.  Please visit “St. Anthony Connects” blog for information on Catholic Education Week (  We will also move from telling stories to writing stories independently, using the special anchor chart we created 2 weeks ago.   Ask your child about the class story we created together titled ‘The Surprise Visitor’ (prompt: What story did you write with Mrs. Rupnik about a dragon in the tub?).

fire 012  

fire 010


Mr Cook grade 1/2

Welcome to the 1st week of May! Mother Nature has been very kind to us so far and we will be praying for beautiful weather this week! The students have earned a reward for beating Mr. Cook 10 times at fixing our morning messages. They have requested a class pic-nic. They wrote a persuasive journal entry to try and convince me why they should have a pic-nic. I was definitely convinced! This will happen in the next couple of weeks. Great job boys and girls! This week, we will focus on patterning and algebra in math. We will be continuing our persuasive writing unit as well. The students wrote amazing pieces last week on why St. Anthony is the best! They will be posted on our bulletin board. Come by and read them! Don’t forget to have your child pack their library book in their bags for Monday. Homework calendars are going home this week. At St. Anthony this week we are celebrating Education Week. Parents are invited to visit the school at their convenience this week and see all of the great things we have been up to and that are going on. We wish our Grade 2 friends participating in their Reconciliation and First Communions this upcoming weekend the very best on this special occasion! Let’s have an extraordinary week!!


St. Anthony Connects – The week of March 23 – 27


St. Anthony This Week

Monday, March 23

La Maletta Performance – 9:00 AM

LM study guide 2015.pdf


Morning prayer – grade 1




Tuesday, March 24

Cathlee O’Connell to read with Mrs.Rupnik’s class

Dorothy reading with Mrs. Rupnik’s class

Table Tennis – 3:15 pm

Wednesday, March 25

Young Rembrandts starting – after school – until April 22

Thursday, March 26

Scientists in the Schools – grade 1 – 8:30 – 11:00 AM

Earth Hour – 10:00 am -11:00 am

Guest Reader Session- Mrs. Rupnik’s class 9:20AM

Friday, March 27

Earth Hour – 10:00 am -11:00 am







Guest Reader in Mrs. Rupnik’s Class 1:15 PM

Little Horn Theatre  * MUSIC/FIDDLE WITH   CHAD WOLFE 





JK/SK 8:30-9:00 (20)

JK/SK 9:00-9:30 (20)

9:45-10:00 recess

10:00-10:40 Grade 1 ( 12) +

Grade 1/2 (20)

10:40-11:15 Grade 2/3 (16)

*get ready for lunch upon


11:15-12:15 LUNCH

blogging club – lunch time

Pizza Day

St. Anthony Super Stars Award – 2:45PM


Teacher Notes for this week:

Ms. Rupnik’s Primary Language Class

Welcome back everyone! This upcoming week, we will revisit ‘recount writing’ in our journals.   Our Social Language activities will focus on knowing how you feel. We will also review the concept of big deal/little deal.  Remember to keep helping your child with the homework calendar. When you support your children’s homework routine, you help them do better at school.

 Ms Myers Grade 1 Class

This week we look forward to our visit from the Scientists in Schools program. Wendy Decker, our scientist, will guide us through five learning centers where the students will explore different aspects of energy in our lives. On Friday, the whole school will participate in Earth Hour – we will work without using any electricity from 10:00-11:00 a.m. During this time we will brainstorm for ways we can conserve energy at home and school. In math we will focus on how we measure time – beginning with

days, weeks, months, years, hours, and minutes. Real life opportunities to connect daily/monthly activities in your home with calendars and clocks help build your child’s sense and concept of time.

 The “Wonderful Ones” will be leading the Morning Announcements this week. If your child has been asked to say a prayer, please have them practice reading it aloud to you in preparation.


Dans la classe de Mr. Chartrand:

Grade 1/2

In Social Studies, we are continuing to focus on comparing Canada to other

countries around the world. The Grade 2’s will be presenting their Country Projects.

Grade 1’s are introducing their home and it’s location on a map and also working on

Community Helpers.


In French, we will finish the “au/eau” this week. The two stories are (“Pauline

Sauterelle” and “Que c’est beau, que c’est beau!”) can be found on their google


In reading, we are reading “C’est le printemps – Grade 1’s”. The grade 2’s will focus

on “la vie sur l’étang – the life cycle of a frog” and we will also read “Les graines



In the classroom, students will be Benchmarked and tested for the word wall words.

We will see the last of the word wall words in April and May­June will be a review.

We will continue to practice book concepts and comprehension.

The words wall words for this week are:

– trois(three) avoir(to have) être (to be)

dire (to say)

* Please practice the words at home..

Grade 4 (Immersion)

We will finish are two online labs this week and then finish studying the different

uses of rocks in society’s past and present. The summative task will be the final

Thursday prior to the Easter break.












Mr Cook’s Class – grade 1/2

The word wall words this week are: OUTSIDE, AGAIN, KNEW, WRITE, HURT
In Math, we will continue to work with money. At home, you can provide your child with several coins and have them make different amounts. The grade 1s are learning to make change to 20 cents, and the grade 2s are learning how to make change to $1.00. The students seem to be enjoying this Math unit! In language, we will be writing our Narratives this week. I encourage the students to talk about their ideas at home and come to school with many ideas! (ie, characters, setting, problems, solutions) Homework folders are due this week. Pizza orders and milk orders are also due by the end of this week. We are still continuing to collect food items for our Lenten Project. The support thus far has been great! Many thanks to all the parents! I hope everyone had a blessed and restful March Break! Welcome back and welcome SPRING!!!


Our Asphalt to Oasis fund – we are at $400.00!!  looking to make it to $5000.00 in 35 days

St. Anthony Connects The week of February 23 – 27



St. Anthony This Week


This year our Lenten project will take the form of a food drive in support of the Shepherds of Good Hope. We will be distributing collection boxes for each homeroom class.

 Each week donations will have a focus:

 Week 1: canned foods (vegetables, fruits, beans etc.)

 Week 2: pasta and canned/jars of sauce, rice

 Week 3: condiments (vegetable oil, peanut butter, jam, ketchup,      mayonnaise, etc.)

  Week 4: cereals

  Week 5: coffee, tea, sugar (white and brown)


Monday, February 23
Squirmies to start
Paul McGuire attending info session for  – Paint It Up Program – we will be applying for a grant to have a large mural painted on the outside of the school with funding from the program.  We will find out if we are successful in May.
Tuesday, February 24
Board-wide Jeans Day for Shepherds of Good Hope
Cathlee O’Connell to read with Mrs.Rupnik’s class
Chess Club
Dorothy reading with Mrs. Rupnik’s class
Table Tennis 3:15 – 4:15
Wednesday, February 25
Innovations Group Meeting at St. Anthony – 1:30 Learning Commons – planning a Makerfaire at St. Anthony
Y Kids Academy at St. Anthony
Swim to Survive – 1:00 PM Grade 2/3
Thursday, February 26
Junior Ski Trip to Mount Pakenham
Friday, February 26
Gymnastics Showcase – all day
Pizza Day!
Blogging Club – lunchtime
Teacher Notes for the week
Ms Myers Class:  In math we will be focusing on identifying and sorting two-dimensional shapes. In language we will be
working on descriptive writing that is connected to our science inquiry about living things. The  “Wonderful Ones” are looking forward to their final music session with Little Horn Theatre. During these lessons we have learned to identify the elements of a song – a beginning, some repeating elements, and an ending. One of our favourite songs is “My Scarf has Four Corners” – ask your child to sing it to you!
Mr Cook’s Class:  This week’s word wall words are: out, about, come, some, call. We will do various activities with these words during our language blocks. The students are continuing with addition this week and we are hoping to learn more about subtraction. We have discussed information on materials,objects, and structures in science. The students are encouraged to talk about examples of the different types of materials they know of that are used to make certain objects. Try asking them at home and look for objects that have structures that are used for support (e.g., legs on a table). See what they can tell you! This week we will finish procedural writing and move on to learning about narratives. We are continuing to collect food items for our Lenten project (proceeds to the Shepherd’s of Good Hope). We collected many canned goods last week! Thank you for the support! This week you can send in canned goods again, and pasta as well. I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I know that we will have a blessed week!

Ms Manzoli’s class:  This week the grade 2/3 will be continuing with procedural writing in language. We will be looking at different recipes. Our words of the week will focus on word blends, example float, blow, skate. In math be have been exploring 2D shapes, this week be begin 3D shapes. Have your children find things around the house and try to name these shapes. On Wednesday we return to our swim to survive, the children are learning ways to enjoy water and be safe. Please remember to bring a swim suit and towel. On Thursday, weather dependant we will have our class winter play day. We will be snowshoeing and warm up with a movie and hot chocolate.

A reminder that we are collecting can foods for our Lenten project. 
Prayer chain

Prayer chain

Ms. Rupnik’s class: In the Primary Language Class, we will tear one intention off our Lenten prayer chain daily and pray for that intention.  We will also continue with our Lenten class flower project and look for small services and acts of love. I will select one student to write on a petal what he/she did to get closer to God each morning/afternoon (for example: I helped Mrs. Rupnik, I shared with my friend, I used kind words when I was angry, I prayed for someone special, etc.).  Please remember that completed February homework calendars are due back at school on Thursday, February 26, 2015. 

Dans la classe de Mr. Chartrand:Grade 1/2

In Social Studies, we studied Chinese New Year’s around the World. We will continue to focus on celebrations around the world with a focus on China and Mexico.

The Grade 2’s will begin preparing their oral presentations on their Country Projects. Grade 1’s are learning about their homes with particular interest on the different rooms: cuisine, salon, salle de bain chambre à coucher, bureau, salle familiale, sous-
In French, we have completed the sound “on/om” and students will have a quiz on Tuesday. Our next sound will be “au/eau”. In reading, we are studying “Les quatres saisons” and “Se déplacer en ville”.

The words wall words for this week are: ville (city), hiver(winter), heureux(happy), on(we)* Please practice the words at home. I will be sending word wall work homework again. Please return it by the end of the week.* Please have the Grade 2 students bring their Country projects to school. Only 2 projects left to see. Thanks for those who have brought it to school to work on.Grade 4 (Immersion)

Students will be gone on their ski trip to Mount Pakenham, but thanks to Google Docs the students will be able to finish their lab work on­line.



M Girard’s classes:  

2/3e Études Sociales: Pédagogie de l’enquête(inquiry); Human activities and decisions about land use may alter the environment
4/5e Listening and Speaking to interact: commander au téléphone -numéro et adresse du client
5/6e Études Sociales: fin de la campagne électorale, élection en 4e, 5e et 6e, dépouillement du scrutin
4e Immersion  Listening and Speaking to interact: se mettre d’accord pour commander une pizza
Faith and Fun Calendar for March

Faith and Fun Calendar for March



Parent Report, Wednesday, February 11

Parent Report

FSL Letters are coming home Thursday with the report cards.  Here is a summary of the information grade 3 and 6 parents will see:

Pathways to French at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

Dear Parents/Guardians of students in Gr. 3,

In Kindergarten, we introduce students to French Immersion in a play based setting. Students spend 50% of their day in English and 50% of their day in French. The aim is to allow students to feel comfortable with the French language in a natural setting.

In Grades 1, 2 and 3, our Board offers a rich Extended French program (1/4 of the day is in French and 3⁄4of the day is in English). This is to ensure that students have a strong foundation in English (as their first language) and that they are ready for literacy and numeracy throughout the grades. It also provides enough FSL instruction to continue in the Immersion pathway as of Grade 4.

Your child is currently enrolled in the Extended French Program of 75 minutes per day (or 1⁄4 of the day). It is that time of year that we ask parents to select the FSL pathway that they feel would best meet their child’s needs in Grade 4.

As you may be aware, our School Board provides two French Second Language pathways in Grades 4 to 6. These are Extended French (1/4 day, the same as your child’s current program) or Immersion French (1/2 day). Both the Extended Pathway and the Immersion Pathways are programs of excellence and high expectations. Each program allows for students to excel in French Language acquisition to serve them at school and beyond.

Grade 3 parents complete the French program selection sheet and return it to the school by March 6, 2015.  This sheet will be found in the report card envelope.

Please click here to view a powerpoint presentation on FSL Pathways at the Ottawa Catholic School Board


For Parents/Guardians of Grade 6 students currently enrolled in the French Second Language Extended Program:

As your child has followed the French Second Language Extended Program Pathway in the junior grades, the Core French Second Language Pathway is the suggested next step at the intermediate level in Grade 7.  This is a program of excellence and high expectations. The program continues to promote the development of functional fluency in French.

At the secondary level, students following the Core Program Pathway continue to build French language acquisition, studying French at the Applied or Academic levels. Many Canadian post-secondary institutions also provide their students with Second Language learning opportunities to prepare our youth for the job market.

In preparation for the next school year, we ask that you please consider the Pathways to French chart on the reverse side. Please complete the French program selection sheet for your child and return it to your school by March 6th,  2015.  

If you have any questions,  please contact the school and speak with your child’s teachers.

Thank you for your support and action on this necessary process to help us prepare for the appropriate French Second Language programming for your child.

Additional Items:

School Programs:  We have started our new table tennis program and we are now into the third week.  Students are enjoying the coaching and next week we will have four tables available for play.  Several students have asked if they can still join and they are welcome to do so.  This is a program that we plan to keep going for the remainder of the year.

Hip Hop instruction will be starting soon.  The program will cost $50.00 for ten weeks – subsidies are available. This program will be introduced on soon and sign-ups will take place during the assembly.  There will be more information soon.

Culture Shock – our students will be trained by members of this troupe

Squirmies:  We will be running a second session of Squirmies starting February 23.  Subsidies are available as always.

Other items of interest:

Ash Wednesday is next week (February 18th).  Father Felix from St. Anthony Church will be visiting the school to take part in our Ash Wednesday liturgy.  Parents are welcome to attend.

Christie Lake Girls Camp took place last weekend.  By all accounts it was a great success.  We had eight girls from grades 2-6 who took part in the camp and they had a great time with Christie Lake staff.  A boys camp is in the planning stages – more information to follow.

Walk Zones for next year.  OSTA has finalized the walk zones for next year for grades 1 – 6.  The maps are on display outside the office.  A fuller explanation of the new zones can be found in the February 9 – 13 Community Blog

Pizza and milk programs – these programs are going very well at st. Anthony.  Our first pizza day was a great success – all the students seemed to enjoy Domino’s.  Our next pizza day is this Friday and we will continue pizza days every second Friday for the remainder of the year.

More Chromebooks – the School Board has provided our school with 20 new Chromebooks.  We are now getting close to have one machine for every junior student.  We are encouraging the students to bring the machines home with them so that they have this wonderful resource to help them with their learning both at home and at school.  Students are now beginning work on their own e-portfolios.  Every student from grades 1-6 will write at least two entries this term on things they are learning in class.  They will be able to share this learning with their parents as more machines come home with the students.

e-portfolio - template

This is the template all students will be working from

Report Cards – the first term report cards are going home Thursday (February 12).  While there is no formal interview night set up for this term, parents are very welcome to contact their son or daughter’s teacher to set up an interview.  Teachers will also be contacting parents if they feel an interview is necessary.  Congratulations on all the hard work accomplished by our students this term!

St. Nicholas at St. Anthony – we are offering St. Anthony parents the opportunity to take high school credits through St. Nicholas Adult School here at St. Anthony.  A flyer explaining what parents need to do to get involved is coming home with the report cards.


St. Anthony Connects The week of February 9 – 13




part of a math inquiry question worked on by the grade 2-3 class last week

part of a math inquiry question worked on by the grade 2-3 class last week



St. Anthony CES

Bell Time and Walk Zone Review – FINAL

In 2012, based on recommendations from the Ministry’s Efficiency and Effectiveness Review, OSTA began its transformation project to harmonize walk zone maps and re-align bell times throughout its system. The first step was to create new policies governing how these steps were to be undertaken, including the consultation and approval process for each part of the project. The result was the Bell Time Management Policy T19, an amendment to the Transportation Services T14 procedure for standardized hazard criteria and assessment methodology and the Consultation Policy G14. This past year, OSTA has conducted consultation with its internal and external stakeholders to get feedback on proposed bell time changes and new walk zone maps. Twenty-five consultation sessions were held at schools throughout the city to collect feedback from April to June 2014. An electronic survey was also made available on OSTA’s website along with information regarding OSTA’s transformation.OSTA took the feedback it received from school communities and revised its recommendations.

Individual concerns regarding safety were carefully evaluated and/or re-assessed, and numerous changes were made to walk zones as a result. In addition, some schools were removed from the bell time review due to various circumstances unique to those school communities. On November 10 2014, the OSTA Board of Directors approved bell time changes of 10 minutes and All changes to be implemented for September 2015 under. On January 27 2015, both the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board approved bell time changes of over 10 minutes. This was the final step in the approval process.

Please go to for more information regarding this project.

Bell Time – There is no change

Start Time End Time 8:30 3:00

There is a major change in the Walk Zone Please visit maps to view the FINAL walk zone maps online. Each school also has a summary of re-assessments and outcomes based on feedback gathered during consultation.

A hard copy of the 800m (kindergarten) and/or 1.6km (grades 1-8) walk zone map(s) are available at the school for viewing.

More detailed information can be found on our website at

Confederation Education Centre 1645 Woodroffe Avenue, Nepean, Ontario K2G 1W2 Tel: 613.224.8800 / Fax: 613.224.8840 Website:

After reviewing the feedback from the Public Consultation Sessions held last Spring, OSTA has identified areas where there are legitimate traffic safety hazards that present a barrier to children walking to school.  Listed below are the FINAL walk zone maps for each school, highlighted in red, which use the same distance measurement for both school boards, and which include a standardized set of walking hazards. A summary of the decision-making process can be found in blue, under selected school communities.

Further information about any changes made for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year will be sent to your child’s school months prior to the changes. Please keep an eye on our Transformation Project webpage for more updates.
Schools below are listed alphabetically. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up a search box to help you find your school.
PES = OCDSB (Public) elementary | PSS = OCDSB (Public) secondary | CES = OCSB (Catholic) elementary | CHS = OCSB (Catholic) high


St. Anthony School 1.6 KM Walk Zone Grades 1-3



2015-02-06_1427 map

 St. Anthony This week

Monday, February 9

We will be offering Squirmies again this term – notices should be coming home by Tuesday

Tuesday, February 10

chess club at lunch

table tennis 3:15

Wednesday, February 10

Y Kids Academy – grade 5/6

School Council Meeting – 6:00PM

Thursday, February 11

Report cards and IEPs going home

Friday, February 12

Pizza Day!!

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 Teacher Notes for the week

Ms Myers:

We had a fabulous trip to the Mill of Kintail – perfect snowshoeing conditions! Many thanks to all theparents who were able to assist us. The grade ones now feel they are snowshoe “experts!”

Monday marks the 100th day of school! We will celebrate with a variety of math and language activitiesconnected to 100. As Valentine’s day approaches we will be sharing stories of friendship and renewing our commitment to our “Class Promise.” For those who wish to participate, we will exchange Valentines on Friday, February 13th. A list of classmates can be found on the back of the February newsletter sent home last week. The “Wonderful Ones” will be leading the Morning Announcements this week. If your child has been asked to say a prayer, please have them practice reading it aloud to you in preparation.

Ms Hubert:

This will be another busy and exciting week.  In Language Arts we will continue with our Procedural Writing, EQAO preparation and Literature Circles.  In Science we will continue to learn about flight and build on our knowledge of kites, learned last week. In Mathematics, we will be finishing Measurement shortly and beginning with Data Management and Probability.  On Friday morning we will be hosting a bake sale to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Mr. Cook:
Homework calendars will be sent home Monday in the students agenda bags. Please make sure to try and work on the homework each night with your child. The activities should not take long to complete. After they finish, reading is always a nice thing they can do! Ask your child questions about the book and get them to tell you their favorite part! This week we will be celebrating Valentne’s Day. The students will be decorating paper bags and will trade Valentine’s cards on Friday. There are 18 friends in our class (10 girls, 8 boys), in case you wanted to know when purchasing Valentine’s cards. We will do a procedural writing activity after we make the bags.

We are going to be starting a new science unit on Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures which will lead us into Movement. In Math, we will be reviewing some number sense and numeration concepts. The kids had a blast snowshoeing last week at the Mill of Kintail! Thanks to all the parents who volunteered with us that day! Let’s hope that this week will be just as blessed!

P.S. Report Cards go home Thursday.
Dans la classe de Mr. Chartrand:
Grade 1/2
In Social Studies, the Grade 2’s will finish work on Nunavut and Mexico.  They will complete a chart comparing Canada, Mexico and their country of origin.
Grade 1’s:  neighbourhood map and community helpers.
We are completing our work with the “Oncle Pompon” and “Gaston Cochon” comptines.
In reading, we are working on “Au magasin” and “Les saisons changent”.
In writing, we worked on “Le Jour de la Marmotte”.  The students did a re-tell and a procedural writing activity on the topic.  This week they are finishing a descriptive writing piece on their snowman.
We will also have a Valentines Day centre in the classroom.
The words wall words for this week are:
entrer (to enter), pourquoi (why), quand  (when), quoi (what)
*  Please practice the words at home.  I will be sending word wall work homework again.  Please return it by the end of the week.
*  Please have the Grade 2 students bring their Country projects to school to work on Thursday’s and Friday’s if its possible.
Grade 4 (Immersion)
Two more weeks and we will complete our unit on “Les roches et les minéraux”.
We are completing our lab on how to identify the different types of rocks (Les propriétés physiques des minéraux:  la couleur, le trait, l’éclat, la transparence, la dureté, la forme, etc…).  We will also focus on how minerals are used in everyday life.
UNIT test:  February 26th
Ms Rupnik’s Class
This week in the Primary Language Class, we will continue our work on procedural writing. Last week, we completed two shared procedural writing activities together (how to eat an Oreo cookie and how to make a Valentine card).  This week we will move onto independent student practice. They will write or say how to get ready to play in the snow.  We will also read ‘There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose’ for Valentine’s Day and complete a sequencing activity.
Valentine6 (1)OreoCookie3 (1)

St. Anthony Connects the week of Feb 2 – 6


download (1)Kids and Mental Health


One in five children in Ontario has a mental health problem. Changes to your child’s mental health may

not be obvious.

Warning signs to look for:

 Mood swings and changes in eating habits.

 Headaches and sore stomach.

 Low energy and not sleeping well.

 Missing school and/or having trouble at school.

 Spending less time with friends and family.

 Wanting to be left alone.

 Feelings of anger and rage.


 Listen to your child and trust your judgment.

 You are the best person to notice changes.

 Talk to your child’s teacher, he or she may have seen some changes too.

 It’s okay to ask for help and talk to your family doctor.

For more information on kids and mental health please visit ,, or Ottawa Public Health at 613 580-6744,




St. Anthony This Week

Monday, February 2

Pizza numbers going in today for next week – students who did not order last week can order for the upcoming weeks, please see Ms Pollock for a form – next Pizza Day Friday, February 13th

Tuesday, February 3

chess at lunch

Table Tennis 3:15 – 4:15

Wednesday, February 4

Cathlee O’Connell to read with Mrs.Rupnik’s class

Rosary visit to St. Anthony:

Every 1st Wednesday of the month, beginning October 1st

FDK1 10:30-10:45
FDK2 10:45-11

1/2 Cook: 12:15-12:35 (Maruka)
1 and 2/3: 12:35-12:55 (Maruka-Learning Commons)
Gr. 4/5 Mr. Girard: 12:55-1:25 (Lucy)
Gr. 5/6 1:45-2:30 (Lucy)

Dorothy reading with Mrs. Rupnik’s class

Y Kids Academy – 11:30 – 1:30 Grade 5/6 class

Thursday, February 5

Mill of Kintail Trip Gr. 1 and 1/2

Free Throw Forms due Gr 5 & 6

Young Rembrandts – session # 3 after school

Friday, February 6

Little Horn Theatre MUSIC WITH AUDREY LEMIEUX – same schedule as previous weeks

Pizza numbers going in today for next week – students who did not order last week can order for the upcoming weeks, please see Krista for a form

Girls leaving for girls camp – Christie Lake – returning Sunday


Teacher Notes for this week

Ms Myers Grade 1

This week the “Wonderful Ones” are looking forward to their trip to the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, February 5th. Please check the weather forecast to ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the day. On Monday, February 1st, a new calendar and monthly newsletter will be going home. Please check your child’s agenda for this information. Both items are posted on our school website under “Teacher Links” in the event you misplace your paper copies.

Mr. Cook Grade 1-2

Mr. Cook is still waiting for homework folders to be handed in. February calendars will be sent home next week after they have all been marked. For homework this week, the students will be working on making graphs at home. They will be sent home on Monday in their agenda bags and are to be returned on Thursday. The children are encouraged to read each night as well for 10 minutes (grade 1) and 15 minutes (grade 2).

 We have our field trip on Thursday, February 5th to Mill of Kintail. Please make sure your child is dressed warm for the weather as we will spend much of the day outdoors. Also, please ensure that your child has a healthy lunch packed for the day. 

 – Math –> We will be finishing our data management unit. The children have done their own surveys and on Mondaythey will be graphing their data. We will review some concepts for number sense and numeration (adding and subtracting to and from 20 – grade 1) and 2 digit addition and subtraction using rods and units (grade 2).

 – Language –> We will continue to learn about procedural writing. The students are encouraged to think about things that they are able to do for when they work on their writing assignment independently (e.g., tying my shoes, making my bed etc…). This week’s word wall words will focus on long vowel sounds and will be written into student agendasMonday.

 -Religion/Art –> We will learn about how to appreciate the variety of gifts the earth has to offer. We will be making collages and displaying them in the classroom.

 – Gym –> We will be doing relay races and working on our basketball dribbling skills.

– Library on Monday –> a few of the students still have library books that need to be returned. Those who have returned their library books will get to take out a new book and bring it home to enjoy for the week.

– Sianna was this month’s winner for our waste free lunches. Next month we will choose a new winner. Parents are encouraged to send litterless lunches for their kids to school (fruit, containers etc…). Good job to our winners so far this year!

This will be a fun week! Let’s pray for nice weather on Thursday so the kids can have a great time on our field trip!

 All the best to everyone!


 Mr. Cook

Ms Rupnik’s class:

This week, we will begin to work on a new writing form called “procedural writing”.  New February homework calendars arrive home on Monday. Please work with your child to complete these activities daily. The activities are short and require about 5 minutes to complete. Most activities are done orally and do not have a written component. In addition to the homework calendar activities, it is very beneficial to read to and with your child every night. 

Ms Manzoli’s Grade 2-3 Class

This week the students will be working on their “Story in a Box” writing.  The students have been working on narrative stories looking at the setting, characters and problem of fairy tales.  We have been forcusing on using past tense verbs when we write stories.  In reading we are focusing on picking out the important information and how to infer when asked questions of a text.  In math we continue to explore money, we have investigated different money around the world. Thank you to the students who we able to bring in money from their countries.  This week we focus on learning to give back change (Grade 2 to the $1:00 and Grade 3 to the $10:00).  Please give your child the opportunity to practice this concept at home using real life situations.  It is a good way to reinforce their adding and subtracting skills too.  This week we continue to inquire about Structures in Science.

M Girard:

2/3e Lecture (reading:) Chez Lucie (Visages 2, thème 1, activité 1.3)
4/5e Études Sociales: Problèmes environnementaux de quatre régions à l’étude (suite) 5/6e: révision des nombres et dictées de numéros de téléphone (service de livraison d’un restaurant)
4e Immersion:dictée février- verbe aimer au passé composé (69 mots) 
Dans la classe de Mr. Chartrand:
Grade 1/2
In Social Studies, we are continuing to work on buildings in our neighbourhood and are also learning about community helpers.   There will be a short quiz on Thursday.
Grade 2’s:  We are finishing our work about Nunavut this week and then compare Canada with Mexico and their country of origin.
Grade 1’s:  neighbourhood map and community helpers 
We are completing our work with the “on/om” sound this week.  We will practice to pronounce it, find it in words and study vocabulary with the sound.
In writing, we are describing our snowman.
The words wall words for this week are:  
jouer (to play), marcher (to walk), sauter (to jump), parler (to talk)
*  Please practice the words at home.  I will be sending word wall work homework again.  Please return it by the end of the week.
*  Please have the Grade 2 students bring their Country projects to school to work on Thursday’s and Friday’s if its possible.
Grade 4 (Immersion)
We will continue to work on “Les roches et les minéraux”.
We will continue our focus on the “rock cycle” and how to identify them in a lab this week.
Ms Hubert’s Grade 5-6 class
This week will see the Grade 5/6 class attend their third session at the YMCA on Wednesday afternoon. In Science we are starting a new unit on Flight and we will begin by looking at the history of the first airplane.  In Language Arts we are starting to review for EQAO, as well as looking at procedural writing.  In Physical Education we will be learning to play Tchoukball, a new and exciting game.  

 Short video on Little Horn Theatre

We started with hip hop and now we have move on music instruction.  This video shows some of the highlights from Friday’s workshop with the grade 4/5 class and Audrey Lemieux.  She is doing a wonderful job with the kids and they are learning some new elements of music each week.  Audrey will be with us for three more weeks.

St. Anthony Connects – the week of January 26 – 30


EQAO Parent Forum


The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is pleased to invite parents and educators to a parent forum in Ottawa on March 7. The forum is composed of two sessions. During the first,  the School Support and Outreach Team will deliver information about EQAO’s province-wide assessment program. The following topics will be covered during the session:  an overview of EQAO elementary and secondary assessments, the process for developing and scoring the assessments and an explanation about how the results from these assessments contribute to student learning in Ontario’s schools.

Then, renowned educator and author, Dr. Lynda Colgan will discuss the differences- positive and negative- that parents can make in their child’s mathematics education. Using research and concrete examples throughout her session, Lynda will equip parents with effective strategies and resources to use as they carry out their important job as members of the math teaching team.

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2015

Location: Southway Hotel, 2431 Bank Street, Ottawa, K1V 8R9

Continental Breakfast : 9:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

First Session: 9:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Lunch: 11:45 a.m.— 12:30 p.m.

Second Session: 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

EQAO will cover the following for each participant:

·        continental breakfast and lunch

·        mileage according to Government of Ontario guidelines and

·        accommodation, if required, according to Government of Ontario guidelines, for participants travelling more than 160 kilometres round trip.

Parents and educators wishing to attend are asked to register at Please provide the following information when registering: first and last name, board of education, school, and e-mail address. The deadline for registration is February 20, 2015.

Thank you for your continued support,

Margaret Fler

Principal, School Support and Outreach

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)



EQAO Parent Forum   Reimbursement Guidelines


download (1)

Tooth Injury: What should you do?

An avulsed tooth is one that has been completely knocked out of its place. This is a time dependant injury.

The best outcome requires quick action.

1) Find the tooth.

2) Pick up the tooth by the crown. It is the part that is used to chew

3) Gently rinse the tooth with distilled water or milk for a few seconds. Do not scrub the tooth. Only use chlorinated tap

water as a last choice, because it may damage the root. Adult teeth should be immediately replaced into its hole

whenever possible. Hold the tooth by the crown and put it back firmly into the hole, root first. The root will usually “click” into

place. Then ask the child to bite down gently on a gauze or cloth. Take the child to the dentist as soon as possible. If the

tooth cannot be replaced in its hole, it should be stored in cold milk or saliva until transferred to the dentist. Baby teeth should not be replanted as it could damage the adult tooth formation. The child should see the dentist as soon as possible.

If a child shows any sign of a head injury such as unconsciousness, nausea or headache, call 911.

Need more information? Talk to your dentist or dental hygienist or call the Ottawa Public Health Information Line at 613-580-6744. | 613-580-6744 | TTY/ATS: 613-580-9656

download (1)


Your drink is sweeter than you think!


Most of the sugar in your day comes from what you drink. We think about sugar in the food we eat but many popular drinks can also have a lot of sugar.

Why you should care:

• Filling up on sugary drinks makes you less hungry for healthier foods.

• Children’s small tummies can fill up on sugar fast.

• Sugary drinks can cause tooth decay.

When choosing a drink remember:

• Water and milk are the best choices.

• Most fruit drinks have no real fruit.

• Read labels and pick drinks with the least amount of sugar.

• If sugar is first in the ingredient list then it’s high in sugar.

• Kids are watching what you drink: your choice impacts theirs!

For more information contact EatRight Ontario at 1-877-510-5102, or visit Ottawa

Public Health at or 613-580-6744.

St. Anthony This Week

Monday, January 26

Tuesday, January 27

D-E-A-R DAY/Family Literacy Day:  

Monday January 26th is Family Literacy Day in Canada. The theme this year is


“15 Minutes of Family Fun”.  I have put up posters and there will be a reminder in the school blog and on Twitter.


 We, here at St. Anthony, will be marking the day by doing random announcements throughout the day to Drop Everything And Read! (DEAR)for 15 minutes.

download (4)

Cathlee O’Connell to read with Mrs.Rupnik’s class

Chess club

Dorothy reading with Mrs. Rupnik’s class

Our first Table Tennis class – 3:15 – 4:15

The instructor is Horatio Pintea.

During his time on the Canadian Table Tennis National team, Horatio Pintea has participated in all major competitions including the 1988 and 1996 Olympics as well as numerous World Championship and World Cups. He has represented Canada in 5 Pan American Games (1983, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999) and has managed to capture at least one medals in each of the Pan American Games.

He  is also the North American Champion, Canadian Champion.

 Now he is actively playing Racketlon.

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Wednesday, January 28

Y Kids Academy – 11:30 – 1:30PM Grade 5-6

Thursday, January 29

Time for our monthly assembly

  • girls Badminton
  • boys Badminton
  • environmental awards
  • Grade 6 Valentines Bake Sale

Young Rembrandts – 2nd session – 3:15 – 4:15

Friday, January 30

Pizza Day!

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Little Horn Theatre  * MUSIC WITH AUDREY   LEMIEUX

 Teacher notes for the week

Ms Myers Class Grade 1:

This week the “Wonderful Ones” will explore the needs of living things as we prepare for our trip to the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, February 5th. In math we are investigating various ways whole numbers are composed – e.g. 5 is the same as 2+3, 4+1, 1+4, etc. Seeing the parts that make up the whole number helps your child develop flexibility with numbers and build important addition and subtraction computation strategies. Thank you for reminding your child to return their January homework this week as well as any permission forms for our upcoming field trip!

Mr Cook’s Class Grade 1/2

Math –> This week in math, we will start our data management lessons where the students will learn to gather data by conducting surveys, represent the data using graphs, and interpret the data from the graphs (“What do the results from our survey tell us?”). 

Language –> Our word wall words from this week will focus on short vowel sounds. The word wall words are : has, pet, live, stop, run. We will do various activities using these words and will add them to the word wall on Friday. This week, we will again write in our journals, and continue to work on writing sentences. We will begin to learn more about procedural writing.

Science –> We will learn more about the changes between the seasons and how it affects animals and humans.

Art –> We will finish our warm and cool color art project and discuss meaning behind our pieces of art.

Ms Rupnik’s Class

This upcoming week, we will focus on our new ‘thinkmark’ related to asking questions (for example: what, who, when, where, why, how). After reading a story, students will ask questions related to the text and record their questions. Please note the January homework calendar is due back on Wednesday, January 28, 2015. Please ensure you are working with your child to complete the homework activities daily as part of your nightly routines. 


M Girard:  Here are the FSL weekly snippets for the week of Jan 26th:

 2/3e: Pédagogie de l’enquête (inquiry)-recherche de réponses à nos 5 questions sur les conséquences des activités humaines sur l’environnement

4/5e: Études Sociales: coup d’oeil sur les problématiques environnementales de nos quatre régions physiques à l’étude

5/6e: Processus d’une élection-formation de quatre comités de promotion des candidats à l’élection de la mascotte de classe

4e Immersion: préparation et présentation des menus santé.

Dans la classe de Mr. Chartrand:

Grade 1/2

 In Social Studies, we are continuing to work on buildings in our neighbourhood and are also learning about community helpers.

We have been studying Canada’s customs and traditions. We will talk about Nunavut this week and then compare Canada and Mexico.

We will work on the “on/om” sound this week. We will practice to pronounce it, find it in words and study vocabulary with the sound.

In writing, we will do a winter scene and describe it with as much detail as possible.

 The words wall words for this week are:

  • travailler (to work), plus (more or add), moins (less or minus), qui (who)

* Please practice the words at home. I will be sending word wall work homework again. Please return it by the end of the week.

* Please have the Grade 2 students bring their Country projects to school to work on Thursday’s andFriday’s if its possible.


Grade 4 (Immersion)

 The last student will present his project this week.

We will continue to work on “Les roches et les minéraux”.

We will focus our study on the 3 different types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and how to identify them.



Ms Hubert’s Grade 5/6 class:  
In Language Arts we are looking at Procedural Writing and continuing with our

Fantasy novel book circles.
In Science we are working on the Respiratory System.
In Physical Education and Health we are attending our second Y-Kids Academy session.